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Digital Transmitter
Digital transmitters are used for detecting flow rate of fluids in pipelines and also for monitoring of pumps. Application of this array of digital products can be noticed in process industry and also in construction arena.
Electrical Positioner
Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic electrical positioners are used for managing position of rotary valve. These industrial grade electrical accessories feature polymer made housing. These are accessible in various specifications to suit specific application needs of general industries.
Electric HMI
Electric HMIs or human machine interfaces are basically screens that are used for controlling operation of various industrial equipments. HMIs are useful for transferring complex data into easy to comprehend information.
PID Controller
PID controllers are used to manage pressure, temperature, various other procedures and flow rate of different media like fluids, gases and chemicals. Ergonomic design, accurate operation and long working life are the key aspects of this product range.
Solenoid Valve
Single acting and double acting solenoid valves are installed in hydraulic systems, pipelines for transferring gas and industrial vessels for controlling flow rate of different media. These valves have global approval for their premium quality.
Testing Meter
Available in different models, testing meters are used to measure current, voltage and resistance level of electrical circuit. These low maintenance instruments are also used in water supplying, drainage and also in chemical arena 
Variable Frequency Drive
Variable Frequency Drives are motor controllers meant for regulating operation of electric motors on the basis of variable voltage and frequency of its source of power supply. Popularly referred as VFDs, these drives are useful to reduce energy consumption rate and also to boost productivity of any electrical device.
control panel with sensor
Control panels with sensor have significant role in determining gas concentration level in specific area.  These control panels have self calibration arrangement for their improved operation. Long working life is one of their main aspects.
Control Valves
Control valves are used as essential parts of process control arena. These valves are useful to handle flow of steam, gas, water and chemicals to maintain process variable of those media as per pre set parameters.
Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauges are used for controlling pressure of fluids transferred through pipelines. Accurate measurement method, high performance and reasonable price are some of the remarkable features of this range of instruments.

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